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The Amassage Method™
ReConnect, ReBalance and ReBuild ….for Full Body Balancing!

Thank you for visiting my website, I am Beverly Brady of Milan, Indiana. CESMT since November 1999. 15yrs experience in EQUINE MASSAGE THERAPY. Apprenticed with Dr. Mark Haverkos since 1997 and started teaching in Spring of 2006. Certified in Level 1 and 2 Healing Touch for Animals 2003/2004.

Dr Mark Haverkos is the elder/founder of the AHVMA-this is the ONLY EQUINE MASSAGE SCHOOL HE WILL ENDORSE!  He recommends me to his clients on a regular basis and knows the work I am capable of doing-especially on the harder cases.

>>Please don’t leave until you have at least looked at the Rehab page!<<

The Best Training in the Midwest-by the most knowledgeable, experienced instructors! With ADDITIONAL CLASSES taught by EXPERTS with 10-20yrs Experience:

Dr. Nancy Nicholson (PhD, Equine Biomechanics Expert, “L” level Dressage Judge with distinction, Rolex Jump Judge, Clinician, competed to Grand Prix level in Dressage, competed in most all disciplines; Rosemary Strauss RN, LMT, Reiki Master, Acupressure, etc; Marissa Colon LICENSED Herbalist.

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ECM-Eli’s Cribbing Method!! (half day)


Learn how to stop a horse from CRIBBING!! My student-Eli Schwartz developed this technique while working on horses! He has a 90% SUCCESS RATE! And has agreed to allow me to teach this in my School!

Midwest Natural Healing for Animals is now an Approved Educational Provider for The American Council Of Animal Naturopathy LLC’


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MNHA is also listed on All About Animals as a Preferred Provider

Megan Researched my Classes and Loved that I offer the Biomechanics Portion of my Classes!
Quote from Megan:
“From what I see of the MNHA curriculum, I’m impressed by the holistic approach, the inclusion of
the vital role that correct biomechanics and riding play, and for Level 3, the fact that many professionals are involved in sharing their expertise with students. Sounds like a great program!”
Check out her website also!



Thank you so much for your interest in my School. Here is a listing of what we offer. You can see more detail on the other pages.

  •  CERTIFICATION AS A CESMT Level 1 ($1175) Only 4 students per class
  • The Amassage Method and Biomechanics Level 1
  • Levels 1-3 (2 & 3 $1000)
  • 4 Day Equine Massage Class including Biomechanics/Saddle fit/Building a Topline/Under Saddle Therapy
  • Correspondence Course (Home Study) $750
  • Split Weekend Class (by special request only, must have at least 4 students to schedule)
  • DVD for Basic Equine Massage ($40 + $5 s&h)
  • Easy Payment plans with no credit Check
  • Gift Certificates for Birthdays, Christmas, etc.***
  • Internet Coaching-help with riding, rebuilding atrophied muscles
  • REhab for EPM, Cold/swayback horses, Arthritis (also available in Internet coaching)
  • Rehab at my Facility
  • Clinics
  • Continuous Mentoring after the Class


TO CONTACT ME: email me at equinemassageandrehab@gmail.com

I promise to respond within 12hrs.


I have hired Stephanie Butler as my Assistant Marketing Manager

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