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Your School for Educating, Mentoring, Encouraging! Are you getting results like the ones above? Or do you feel lost like Brigitte did?

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Anatomy in Braille


Equine Sports Massage & Rehab Strategies™ Developed by Beverly Brady



Payment Plans

 3 FULL MONTHS of online training for your Pre class information. Anatomy, Biomechanics, (Basics in Hoof info, Dental, Saddle fit), Level 1 Rehab and more!

4 Day Hands on Classes

 Testimonials and a Brag Page for Students

 Experienced Instructors (2 are LMT’s-the other a LVT-see Bio page for more info)

 Best Education and more information than any other School

 Most Hands on of any School

 Ala Carte Classes to Continue your Education

Classes that are Unique to my School-Cribbing Release, Rehab Strategies and BTV Correction

 Small Classes (6 or less)to insure great Hands on Training or One on One Training

Classes available at 3 Facilities across the USA


The Amassage Method™ ReConnect, ReBalance and ReBuild ….

for Full Body Balancing! My Body Balancing and Rehab Strategies™ that I have taken years to DEVELOP AND PROVE. With the backing of my vet and mentors, I have been able to put together classes, that show you step by step how to do this yourself.  Come to the School that Developed these Rehab Strategies™!

Proud to be the only Equine Massage School to also focus on CAUSES OF PAIN in the Equine, and how to ReBuild that horse on the ground and Under Saddle as well!  With continuing education for my students, I will always be looking for ways to improve my classes and further my knowledge and my students as well.  To make them the BEST in the business! I believe this shows in the Classes I have already for Cribbing Release, Rehab and Behind the Vertical Correction.

See the Bio page for more info on all my instructors!

Several Hands on Facilities for you to choose from, with experienced and knowledgeable instructors! Nashville, TN;  SW Michigan and Salt Lake City, UT.

My SE Indiana facility will be working  with the Correspondence Course, since it has been such a huge success for the School! Along with teaching the upper level classes for Cribbing, BTV Release™ and My Rehab Strategies™  which have been developed here at MNHA specifically for our students.


Dr Mark Haverkos is on the Board of Elders and a Founder of the AHVMA-this is the ONLY EQUINE MASSAGE SCHOOL HE WILL ENDORSE! avhma



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Christy LaPorte, LVT/CEMST (Michigan Instructor) did her Presentation at the Purdue University Vet Tech class for our Equine Massage Classes, they have offered her a position to come back several times a year and teach about Massage and Equine/Canine and of course our program!


Natural Healing for Animals has just been approved to be the provider for the Equine Massage and Body Balancing Class for the Utah College of Massage Therapy!  For the Salt Lake and Lindon Campus. 

My interview and listing is in the Massage Therapy Schools Site. Over 2000 Schools entered their interview-only 100 were chosen.




 Midwest Natural Healing for Animals is now an Approved Educational Provider for The American Council Of Animal Naturopathy LLC’

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MNHA is also listed on All About Animals

Megan Researched my Classes and Loved that I offer the Biomechanics Portion of my Classes!
Quote from Megan:
“From what I see of the MNHA curriculum, I’m impressed by the holistic approach, the inclusion of the vital role that correct biomechanics and riding play, and for Level 3, the fact that many professionals are involved in sharing their expertise with students. Sounds like a great program!”
Check out her website also!
 nbcaamOn a Committee at the NBCAAM for Continuing Education-This is the only National Board that has National Testing Certification-200hrs of Certification is needed to sit for the test



**Rehab Strategies™ will be taught in Levels, you must take 4 Ala Carte classes to advance and learn more Therapies-you must take all Ala Carte classes to have the EPM and Cold Back Rehab, Advanced Rehab class includes Cribbing Release and Behind the Vertical Correction, and how to target specific muscles for Rebuilding


>>Please don’t leave until you have at least looked at the Rehab page! And the Testimonials page<<



Thank you so much for your interest in my School

TO CONTACT ME: email me at equinemassageandrehab@gmail.com

I promise to respond within 12hrs.


Copyright on All Intellectual Property © 2006-2015 All Rights Reserved

AT MNHA, we do not assume any liability or responsibility to any person or animal with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained on this website.  We remind and warn visitors of the inherent risks associated with animal activities. We do not assume any liability or responsibility for damages suffered by, an injury to, or the death of, a participant in animal activities resulting from the inherent risks of those activities.



About thebunch1

Equine Massage/Rehab Specialist, Canine Massage Therapist/rehab Specialist, Instructor and owner at Midwest Natural Healing for Animals
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21 Responses to HOME PAGE-Contact me

  1. maryann miller says:

    sounds very interesting, do you actually teach chiropractic adjusting or just massage?

    • thebunch1 says:

      I teach massage AND rehab therapy-I cannot teach adjusting, because I am not a vet or a chiro. The rehab therapies are very important to know with the massage, along with ‘outside influences’, things that can cause the soreness. You need to know how to play detective, discover the cause and fix it-I show youhow! I have 12 yrs exp doing massage, and 10 yrs dressage training-which helps me to know how a horse should move. If you have any questions-please call me at 812-756-4796 or amassiacres@yahoo.com. As I usually don’t log on here 😉

      • Lauren says:

        What state are you located in? In Ohio (where I am located) you cannot detect or correct conditions without the guidance of a veterinarian. You class sounds very interesting but doesn’t seem to be something I can legally utilize in my home state.

      • thebunch1 says:

        What you are talking about is ‘diagnosing or prescribing’ diseases of an animal. No, we don’t do that-but we can point out spasms, tight muscles, misalignments of the skeleton, etc..then with massage loosen the muscles, and with groundwork/rehab rebuild the muscles so they don’t get tight, but can hold the skeleton where it should be. I work with 2 of the top chiro’s near Cincy..Dr. Mark Haverkos, Dr. Ron Leick, and in touch with Dr. Coppock to do rounds with her as well!
        I’m in Indiana, just west of Cincinnati. I have several students in Ohio, they work with vets, and have no problem with the massage.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I took this class in March 2011 and was worried I wouldn’t know what I was doing when I completed it. Not only did I leave feeling confident in my massage skills but Beverly checks in with me to make sure I’m doing well and always welcomes questions.

  3. I will be working with Bev to teach a “how things work” session or two, as well as some “how to do it” that is therapeutic for balance of mind (yours, the horse’s) and body (yours, the horse’s). This will include specific requests from students as well as a technique for balancing a horse front to back and side to side while it is wearing a halter and you are standing. The techie name of this movement is “piaffe” and it is a “walk in place” on diagonal pairs. Dressage fanatics will have read that piaffe is “trotting in place.” Nothing could be farther from the truth, as the required leg positions of piaffe never happen in a normal trot: they have made the unfounded assumption that “if it is diagonal, it is a trot.” If a horse learns by positive reinforcement to walk in place (at its own pace of understanding) it will be attentive, confident, balanced. I never use the now standard techniques of the dressage world that upset a horse with whips. The work in hand transfers to mounted work. Visit my web site to see my happy horses.

  4. Hi there, I want to subscribe for this blog to obtain newest updates, therefore where can i do it please assist.

  5. jamie says:

    Do u do online schooling because I can’t leave my horses. I also love horses and enjoy them. I hate when they r hurting

  6. Robin says:


  7. ashley edwards says:

    Hello! I am in Illinois, I would love to make equine Massage my career. But I see no schools in my area or near me, I would love a home course but I want some hands on as well as the book knowledge. Is there any workshops or a school in my area? St louis mo area would work as well. Thank you!

  8. Ann Marie Mullenix says:

    Where is your SW MI facility? I am extremely interested, can you please send me info and prices, thank you.

  9. How much does it cost?

  10. Cindy says:

    Hi I’m really interested in this class. Can you call me that or tell me how to get started
    Cindy Emminger

    • thebunch1 says:

      Sorry for the delay, I don’t check these messages very often, that is why I have my email on the site, please contact me there and we can get you started

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