Correspondence Course-Online Equine Massage Therapy class

 **1 on 1 Online Class**
3 (Pre Massage) Study Groups are required before learning the Equine Massage Therapy!
The Massage Portion is **One on One with me, with private coaching and feedback**
Price: $300/4mos you can save $100 if you pay in full ($1100)
You will receive the book when class is paid in full.
heather young testimonial loving school
LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION COURSE-4 month class (4 study groups,should take approx 4-5 mos

Registration is everyday! You can start whenever you want. You go by your schedule and test out when you are ready to.
The last month, after the Massage you will be required to do 3 evaluations for me as your test for Certification as a Amassage Method Level 1 CESMT
  • You need a facebook account to get on the Correspondence Course page
There are over 30 videos for you to watch. In order to be sure you are doing the Massage Correctly-you need a good internet hook up because they are in several groups on facebook and in Eliademy
  • Anatomy (muscular and skeletal)
  • Project: Muscle Mapping
  • TEST
*Section 2
  • 3 Main Causes of PainDiagnostics
  • Causes of Pain (where did the problem start?)
  • Biomechanics (step by step process of how to look at a horses movement)
  • Basics of correct riding
  • The Preflex System
  • Correct and incorrect flexion and how it effects the horse
  • Contraindications and Benefits for Massage
  • Positive and Negative dissociation and how to see it and correct it
  • Overreaching-the cause and how to fix it
  • Behind the Vertical and the problems it causes
  • Information on bits
  • TEST

*Section 3


  • Hoof and Dental information (basics of correct hoof angles, hoof problems and Dental problems that can cause problems in horses)
  • Top Common Ailments, their symptoms and what Massage can do for them
  •  Saddle fitting basics (over a dozen videos for you)
  • Gait Analysis aka Eyeballing (learning to look at a horse to SEE what is wrong using multiple pictures and videos)
  • Groundwork Strategies (Building a Topline) Level 1
  • Under Saddle Balancing (Building muscle from the Saddle)
  • TEST

 *Section 4-Massage

  • Full body massage and sequence
  • Individual Massage for each muscle group-coaching from me, one on one with feedback and corrections, until it is done correctly.
  • Strokes and locates-Video on specifics on how to do this, plus how to stand correctly (ergonomics)  so you have the best results and don’t injure yourself
  • Skeletal evaluation-Learn how to evaluate the skeleton to find if the horse is ‘out’ of alignment anywhere and if a chiro is needed
  • Muscular evaluation-Hands on evaluation of the muscles of the horse, looking for tightness, spasms and knots
  • My book has over 60 pages full of great info for you to refer to.
  • 3 Evaluations to pass the class and get your Certification

*Section 5-Post Massage

  • Post Massage information
  • Acupressure points to help with some diagnostics for specific problems-ulcers, EPM and Equine Myosfascial Syndrome.
  • In depth video on the Treatment of the Trigger Points

*Section 6-MENTORING!

This group you will be in forever, as long as you need it, it includes most of my students, who are wanting to be part of it. As well as my instructors, we all help each other out and encourage each other.

*Section 7-After the Massage

This group is for Marketing instruction,Small business set up, tax information, and after massage Rehab/Rebuilding!

**I will need you to send me back on video what you are learning and doing as well.  You have to have the capability to watch the videos I send and to return videos to me**
This will be a step by step-IOW, we will do the crest/neck first, you will send me a video of you doing this before we proceed! This way you won’t get into any bad habits!
My mentoring will also be part of this, of course!

Request an invoice thru paypal-Fill out application or

Send payment to thru paypal

please include your address

No refunds on payments. No transfers to other people

You will have 4-5 full months to complete this course which is plenty of time if you are consistent with it. If you have an emergency situation where you need to take time off-you must contact me and tell me asap so that I can put you on ‘hold’ in the class.


I would like to thank Jen Stoeckel of Stoeckel Horse Training LLC in Dillsboro Indiana for help with the Saddle Fitting Videos And my good friends Janet and Jay Bracket for all the other videos, editing, etc.
testimonial crystal k
Please click on pic to see full size
amanda s testimonial 2
Libby testimonial
anna testimonial
testimonial heidi billmeyer
sheli testimonialJust received this awesome testimonial from a friend, who watched my ONE VIDEO on how to release the crest for the Correspondence Course!
“Bev- I thought I’d share a massage story with you. Did you see the pic I just posted of Monty? I have had a terrible time getting him to stay up in the poll at the canter- he wanted to curl and hide. Yesterday, I found a knot in his poll- right side and it was too sore to massage-he was really unhappy about it. So I did the “kneading” crest and he blew out about 6 times and yawned 5. No trouble staying up in the poll today and also no knot.”
Time for a shout out Thursday instead of TBT. As many of you know, I recently undertook a course in horse massage with Equine Massage School-Located in SE Indiana/Rehab/Biomechanics. But massage isn’t all I’m learning. There’s so much to learn about saddle fit, saddle placement and biomechanics! The leader of this school Beverly Brady has dedicated herself to turning out top notch students both for live classes and distance learners. She is available any hour (almost) of the day by text, messaging, phone or email to share pictures of horses, injuries, opinions and methodologies. This woman and her Amassage Method has changed my life! In turn, I will change the lives of others, by helping horses (and owners) feel better and perform as they are destined to, pain free. Thank you Beverly and your school for making a difference. If you want to learn from her…check out her FB page!
I am loving all of this! I can’t believe how much I felt like I have already learned in just these few hours this morning, I can’t wait for my books to get here. I also would like to say, that all of Paris’s back issues over the last 10 years are ALL making sense. I think we definitely have a lot of corrective work to do. Thank you. I cannot wait to start using these therapies on her. This is all so exciting to me!!
Leslie Pumford So exciting! Seriously worth every penny. Talking with Bev is like having an on call coach!!! She responds to my questions and emails so fast!!!!
I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you are doing for me and all the help you are giving me. I truly believe in the work that you do and what I am learning. Thank you so much!!!
I am so thankful that I took this class:) I will soon be certified and I have learned more in these past few months than I have in all the time I have been riding. Bev is awesome!!!! She is so easy to talk to and has so much knowledge. I know her raining and knowledge will give me an edge that no one else has. If anyone is hesitant about taking a class please do! It is so worth it! Bev helped me take my 19 year old barrel horse, who I thought was retired, and ten him completely around!

“It has been fantastic. Great coaching!
I don’t know how she does everything in her life and still be there whenever there is a question from one of her students. My horses are being great subjects and are really seeing the benefits of the program.
Don’t be shy. With the excellent help through great videos and one on one direction it makes it easy to get through.”
By Linda Tansek – Oneness Through Wellness
Had a chance to apply what I’m learning in massage school on Bombay’s hindquarters a bit this evening and WOW! Reaching much further underneath… Another week and we may have the REAL Bombay in the barn.
This course is amazing and worth the investment of time, money and effort. There are so many horses out there needing relief from pain instead of new training gadgets and drills…

I HIGHLY recommend this course to all horse owners! You can study at your own pace and if you want to really buckle down and get it done, Beverly Brady, is right there to help in EVERY way she can!   Bev is great at answering questions and helping in any way she can!
 Copyright 2016 All rights Reserved

27 Responses to Correspondence Course-Online Equine Massage Therapy class

  1. Brooke Bower says:

    Do you ever travel to other barns? Out of state? If we got enough people together? We’re in pa and have an indoor arena. I was thinking maybe we could get people together for a weekend or so of you!

    • thebunch1 says:

      I dont’ think I could travel that far,at least not right now-I’m the only one at my farm and have to be here to take care of my animals. Last time I left, it didn’t go so well.
      But what we could do, is set up a time for you all to come here-as a group-perhaps a group rate? You could all stay at the B&B together? We could also do a split weekend class-come 2 different weekends, with 1-2 weeks in between!

  2. Jenny Zeller says:

    I am very interested in this correspondence class! I live in Colorado and have two small children so the correspondence class is best. The program listed above is the one to be cesmt? But does not include the certificate in saddle fitting correct?

    • thebunch1 says:

      Thank you Jenny for contacting me-This is a Certification in Massage and Level 1 Biomechanics. Just basic saddle fit info for you, this is not to be a professional saddle fitter. Just to see if that saddle fits the clients horse.

  3. Gracie says:

    Hi I am very interested in starting up the in a correspondence class. Do you have any openings in the next few months or is there a waiting list?

    • thebunch1 says:

      No waiting list, but I do limit them per month so I can be sure to give enough attention to everyone for that month. I do have openings still if you are interested

  4. Heather says:

    I’ve been wanting to take your correspondence course for a while, just not for another month or so. Is there a way i could buy the book now to study it? Or would I need to wait until I started the classes?

  5. Cherisa says:

    Any chance you would be traveling to New Mexico, perhaps Albuquerque, to do an event? I’m really interested and while 3 hours away from Albq, it’s usually the usually the city with the biggest draw for these type of events.

    • thebunch1 says:

      WE rarely travel, I have 2months online classes for you to study, and then a 4day Hands on Class (if you chose that one)in TN, SW MI and working on a place in Utah.

  6. Amy says:

    Can you become certified after completing the online class?

  7. Susan Phillips says:

    Looking into doing your online course. Its a 3 month course, what exactly type of certificate would one receive at completing this course?

    • thebunch1 says:

      You would be certified in my Amassage Method of Equine Massage as a CESMT. The Amassage Method is More than ‘just massage’, it’s a full training in Biomechanics, eyeballing, riding, saddle fit, groundwork, etc. to actually get the horse better and off the ‘massage triangle’ where the massage becomes a temporary fix. WE want a permanent fix for the horses-and I teach you how to do that.

  8. Abigail says:

    I’m looking into doing your online class then come down for a couple days of hands on training. I just don’t have all the money right now and I’m not sure when I would be able to travel to you. I was wondering if I did the $100 deposit if it would hold the price and a spot for me after I figure out when I could come down. I want to pay for it in full and not do payments. If you could send me more information that would be fantastic. Thank you

    • thebunch1 says:

      The $100 deposit will hold this years payment for you , but you will need to either start the payments by Feb or be paid in full if that is what you prefer to do. In order to be in a spring class, you will need to do the online portion prior to going to the class.
      I no longer do the hands on in SE Indiana, but I do have a great instructor in SW Michigan or Nashville TN

  9. Rener says:

    I live in canada and am not able to travel …can I still take the course or is there a Canadian site

  10. Amanda LaBarge says:

    I was looking into taking your courses. I have looked into equine massage and notice each state has different laws and regulations about equine massage. The state I live in and my surrounding states all say I would have to have a veterinarian with me to supervise if I were to work on other horses.

    So how do you make this certification pay off as a side business if I have to get a vet to go with me to see every client?

    Thank you for your time.

    • thebunch1 says:

      In some instances, you can work under a vets authority, basically having them call you for their clients if they are in need. That is the best way to do that. Or working under a few vets that you have gone on calls with-like I have and become good friends with them and basically co workers, even though you would be independent of them. And depends too on how strict the laws are and how strict they are on enforcing them. Many states have laws for chiro being vet a only practice…yet many do it anyway and nothing is said or done.

  11. Doreen Wallingford says:

    I am interested in taking this course:)
    Im in canada, hope it doesnt cause a problem?
    I had a few questions before I start?
    So i just send you the payement and have books to order? Is there specific times i have to be infront of the computer? I work thats why my questionning.
    Once payement is sent where do i go about? I guess an email is sent with directives?
    Are there any exams?
    Thank you

  12. rosalyn meng says:

    I am interested in the equine massage class online; does the price also include the 4-day hands-on course?

  13. Kat says:

    So I think I understand correctly that for $1100/$1200 you get the 3-4 month online course to get certified. Then for an additional $300 you can come to your choice of 4 day hands on class of and whenever you choose?

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