Ala Carte Classes

Going to start off with some great pics of what our students have done that have taken these courses!

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**Must be Level 1 Amassage Method Certified to take these courses**




New Class!!  Canine with Christy Laporte!  $450

If you are a Level 1 Amassage Graduate, price is $350!



Available as a home study course

Taught by Beverly

Trigger Point Therapy is working with the origin of the muscle to help release tightness and knots. This helps after the massage if you are still having trouble releasing them.

Level 2 Massage Class-$450 (taught by Morgan Billings LMT/CESMT)

It reviews the Soap Notes, Tendons, Ligaments, Different types of Therapies, Origin and insertion of the muscles, and over 30 different types of muscles. Morgan goes over which massage techniques they can use on each one and what things to look for when the muscles is not performing correctly. Also more saddle fitting will be in this class


Must be Certified in Amassage Level 1 for class-Taught by Morgan Billings

mfr postermorgan mfr poster


Taught by Morgan Billings, LMT, you will learn how to drain the lymphatic system in the horse! This is very helpful especially for horses that have stocking up and lymphangitis in the legs.


Payments are available upon request

There are 2 choice for this class : 1st option the class is $750 comes with book , handbook , red light, and one full month on- line classes.

2nd options the courses is $ $475 comes with Book, Handbook, and one full month on-line classes.NO RED LIGHT

Yes you can use your finger to treat the problems but the red light helps increases blood flow and regrows cells, and goes deeper than our pressure will ever go.

Morgan has been working with her own red light for 3yrs now, and has the hands on knowledge and experience to teach this to you.

The Red Light can be purchased thru Morgan Billings, or you can purchase your own outside the class. You will learn acupressure points to help to relieve tight muscles and help with ailments, such as colic, bowed tendons, scar tissue and more!

Morgan tmj and front legs

classes red light therapy poster1

Hmmmm…now why would that be?? IF YOU KNOW THE WHY-YOU CAN FIX IT, AND WE TELL YOU THE WHY!



KINESIOLOGY TAPING $450 (Per class, combine classes for discounts)

ktape poster

Offering now a KT program for Amassage Method Students!

*Human/Equine/Canine Classes!

  • Relief of acute and chronic pain
  • Reduction of swelling and inflammation
  • Improved local circulation
  • Relief of cramps and spasms
  • Supports without restricting range of motion
  • Stimulates muscle tone in weak or under used muscles
  • Provides prolonged therapeutic benefits for improved motor learning
  • *Human class offered to Trainers, Riding Instructors, Riders that need help with muscle memory,can take the class separate

before after taping theresa miller

You are allowed to use any kind of tape that you want, but after trying several kinds, my instructor has found the ROCK TAPE to be the best to use on horses.

Stretchier, Stickier and Stronger than the Competition!!

RockTape is the world’s best kinesiology tape. It can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints,  and back pain. RockTape® microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, which decompresses the area and promotes blood flow. RockTape® is preferred by medical professionals throughout the world.


  • Stays on longer than the competition
  • Better range of motion, with 180% elasticity, compared to other brands offering 130-150% stretch
  • Stays on longer
  • Water Resistant
  • When applied properly, RockTape kinesiology tape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, increasing blood flow, which relieves swelling, delays fatigue, and increases kinesthetic awareness
  • before after shannon fetlocks update logoK tape fetlock


Available in MI class

This ‘One of a kind’ class only available with MNHA is managed and developed by Holly Lippert. She has 12yrs experience as an Equine Dentist, and travels with Charmayne James and her professional group (working with the Equine Dentist). The hands on portion will be taught by Christy LaPorte, who is apprenticing with Holly to learn this information and to teach it.  In this class you will learn more of what the ‘waves, ramps, etc’ are in the horses mouth and how they affect the horses body and way of going.  You will be taught how to feel inside the horses mouth to know whether or not they are causing problems in the horses body. Same way that the hoofs can throw the horse off balance, so can the teeth!

christy and charmayne james***********************************************************************************

OILS IN BALANCE–with sign up in Doterra -for FREE. You must keep a 125pv LRP for 3mos (3mos purchase) to be eligible for the FREE class

Taught by Melisa Pershon-18yrs experience with oils!

$200 1 mo course (includes Physicians Kit-included)

Without oils the class is $200. If you want oils then I will need to incorporate the price of the kit, taxes, and shipping. So the price depends on your location for shipping.
Remember Oils n Balance includes a deeper look into acupressure.

doterra family-physician-kit

logo melisa clear

rt welts dr shelton

Acupressure starts on the 15 of November and it will include shiatsu for $200.

New classes by Melisa-VARIATIONS CLASSES

HYDROTHERAPY-Melisa Pershon-$300

The new class will include how the body works with healing, the stages which the body heals, heal time, scar tissue, common injuries, and so much more with the use of hot and cold. Essential oils, packs, wraps, and other things I use not only with my human clients but horse’s as well. Also an intro to Russian Massage will be part of the class.
Class runs 1 month
Includes a spiral bound book
Class time
Discussion boards


Melisa has generously included this class with the Hydrotherapy! So the class is now FREE!

Be aware of how massage affects different conditions, if you can massage around it, or if you need to go home and wash everything you own.

Class is 3 weeks, includes a book, class time, discussion boards

To learn the following, must be Certified in all Levels of Amassage Method


After taking 4 Ala Carte classes, you will be taught the Sway back and Arthritis Rehab. Also you will be introduced to some interesting tools to use for this Rehab


Oils in Balance, MFR, Red Light and K-Tape are required and adhering to the agreement of non disclosure to do the following: $400

  • EPM
  • Cold back/Bucking Rehab


Will be offered to top students and will be limited to only 1-2 people per 100mi radius, depending on the activity of the therapist.

  • TARGETING MUSCLES on the ground and Under Saddle
  • Behind the Vertical Correction (price TBA)
  • Eli’s Cribbing Release

With all the success we have had with the above Rehab, I decided to take it a step further and teach my students how to target specific muscles for Advanced Rehab Strategies™



2 Responses to Ala Carte Classes

  1. Amy Crawford says:

    Could you please send me more information on your a la carte classes? I have been a certified ESMT and CCMT for almost 13 years and like to keep broadening my knowledge and skills through continuing education. I was told your courses are very informative and beneficial and am interested in either attending or participating in online courses as CE for me as an equine and canine massage therapist.

    Thank you so much in advance!


    Amy Crawford, ESMT, CCMT

    • thebunch1 says:

      HI Amy, thanks for that-for some of the courses you do need to come thru the level 1 class, especially if you want to tlearn the rehab and cribbing, or other speciality classes we do
      The Trigger point is avaialable to you and the Oils in Balance. and perhaps the Red Light therapy, we haven’t talked about opening that one to the public yet.

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