Bio’s of Class Instructors

me after 2017


Prior to my equine life I attended the University of Cincinnati, I was in the Nursing program-I have several credits in Algebra, sociology, Psychology, Chemistry, English.

Bought my first horse in 1988

Dressage instruction 1991-2000 up to 2nd Level

1997-1999 Apprenticed with Dr. Mark Haverkos, assisting on calls with the Horses, learning from him about skeletal evaluation, subluxations, etc. continued after becoming a CESMT in 1999. Worked alongside him for 5yrs, 1-2 nights per week. I still work with him when I can, and he contacts me for his clients that need Massages. Recently started also working with Dr. Ron Leick, board member and  tester for the AVCA.

CESMT 1999

HTA LEVEL 1 2003 (Healing Touch for Animals)

HTA LEVEL 2 2004

2 Day Chiropractic Seminar/Clinic hosted for Dr. Kamen

4 yrs Internship with Dr. Nancy Nicholson Equine Biomechanics  (working with Nancy on a weekly basis, learning correctness from her, sitting at shows with her, lessons, etc. to learn what is correct and what is not)

2017 Reiki 1

Developed Rehab Therapies over the years to help horses with EPM, Arthritis, Cold and Sway Back, Chronic Bucking problems. 

Proud to be the only School that can offer this-to make my students unique! 

Summer of 2011 I added the Levels Classes-the CERT Certification is no longer available, you will receive the CERTS at Level 2 (Certified Equine Rehab Therapy Specialist)  Amassage Method™ Levels 1-3, for more information and training for my students



morgans gates

at Promises Kept Stables


I want to introduce myself for the ones you don’t know me. My name is Morgan, I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist and Equine Sports Massage Therapist for 12 years. I went to school at ITMM in Nashville TN to become a Licensed Massage Therapist , once I graduated I went to Ocala Florida to learn how to do Equine Massage back in 2002.
I was an instructor at a Licensed Massage Therapist in a school in Columbia TN. I decided to branch off and teach Equine Sports Massage to owners/ riders and trainers.

Morgan has been studying the Amassage Method, and will be starting to teach in March 2015.  Her background with race horses (exercise rider)and hunter jumpers gives her the knowledge and experience needed to work around horses and the training as an INSTRUCTOR FOR HUMAN MASSAGE gives her knowledge and training to train you to work on horses!

morgan jumping

I have been riding since 1985, and my trainer was Jennifer Ballard at Willow Hall Stables in Franklin TN. I started out english and showed for many years. Took a break and started riding western and training Race horses and steeplechase horses… I did that for 6 years. Trained everything from hunter jumpers, western pleasure, barrels, poles, trail. Been giving lessons since 1991

morgan hind end after 2 treatmentsmorgan red light face



Associates Degree in Science, studied Veterinary Technology. I was one of the lucky students who was able to do my Internship with a local large animal vet. I learned a lot in those 3 months, was astonished how many calls we went to for lame horses! After finishing school, I still continued to work on the racehorse farm and I got a job working at a Small Animal Emergency Clinic.

christy pic
I decided to further my education wanting to work with large animals. I then went to Midwest Natural Healing for Animals in Milan, In, an Equine Massage Therapy & rehab school. I received my Level 1 certification and have started on my Level 2, which involves Trigger Point therapy. Beverly Brady is the Instructor, and continues to be, plus she is a wonderful mentor. She was a huge success for me launching my business. Her years of knowledge and references make her one of the best Equine Rehab Massage schools around.
I bring to the community over 25 + years experience working with thoroughbreds. I used to show horses, so I know how important it is to have a horse that moves and carries himself like a pro. I was a 4-h member for many years and still continue to be involved with the youth as much as possible.
I started my own business, Cj’s Equine Sports Massage Therapy in April 2014. I am proud to say I have over 80 clients that range from western pleasure to event horses and look forward to many more. I enjoy what I do and I have helped many owners and horses overcome issues, some of what horse owners were ready to give up.


tonya t pic with horse

My name is Tonya Triplett. I have been a certified equine massage therapist since 2016. I was raised in the ranching lifestyle around horses and cattle.  Horses have been my whole life. As a child I would ride anything they would put me on.  The first horse that was all mine was given to me for Christmas when I was 8yrs old.  I got involved in 4-H and things took off from there.
I have shown horses in many disciplines including: western, English, rodeo, reining and working cow horse.  As a teenager I also spent some time on the race track exercising horses.  After I graduated high school, I got married had 2 kids and moved to Nevada.  While there I lived on a ranch that dealt primarily with training, selling and breeding Quarter Horses. I also worked as a vet tech while living in Nevada. I have never been without a horse.  I took my favorite horse everywhere I went. In Nevada is where I received my biggest education with horses.  I rode with many different trainers and learned some of the best techniques that I use to this day. In my time there I was able to ride hundreds of horses of varying levels of training, and some had behavioral or learned issues that needed fixed.
I moved back to Wyoming and got married. Together we raised 5 kids. During my “mom” phase I was involved with 4-H and Boy Scouts. I was a leader in both and enjoyed going through leadership training and also serving on staff to teach leadership. I volunteered with anything that my kids wanted to be part of.
When my youngest was nearing graduation I had an itch to learn something new.  I sat myself down and had a chat, I said “Self, what are we going to do so we can play with horses all the time?” I have always wanted to help them perform better through training but…what else can I do to enhance that? Then it hit me. If I can make them feel better physically I can get the best out of them. This began my search for the right Equine Massage School. I spoke to Beverly and I was hooked!  This was what I have been looking for! From there I have been blessed to lay my hands on hundreds of horses and help them heal and improve performance. In some cases getting them back to sound and riding.
With the mentoring and encouragement from all the instructors, especially Melisa Pershon, I have grown and gained confidence and knowledge that has lead me here.  Now I have been asked to become an instructor for Beverly. I am truly thankful for this opportunity and that someone believed enough in me to be offered this position.

Some of Tonya’s work

tonya before after hindtonya before after facetonya before after topline



Dr. Haverkos - Network ChiropractorMark P. Haverkos, DVM

Dr. Haverkos is a 1982 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and currently owns a practice in his hometown of Oldenburg, Indiana. Dr. Haverkos is widely recognized for his expertise in the fields of alternative and integrative veterinary medicine, with a special interest in acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy. Although he runs a single doctor practice, he often travels to other states to adjust patients and lecture at veterinary conferences.

The Veterinary Holistic Care staff extends a warm welcome to Dr. Haverkos during his frequent visits to Maryland. We are pleased to be able to offer his services to our clients. Dr. Haverkos is no stranger to the veterinary staff here at VHC: he and Dr. Monique Maniet were both founding members of the American Holistic Veterinary Association in 1984.

Dr. Haverkos was a guest speaker at the 1986, 1992, 1993, 1999, 2000,
2003, 2004 and 2005 annual congress of the American Holistic Veterinary Associationand the 2004 annual convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association. He currently serves as a
member of the Council of Elders for the American Holistic Veterinary Assn .

He is currently listed it the Who’s Who in Veterinary Medicine.
 And has been featured in various magazines, journals, newspapers and book publications. During the past eleven years, he has held numerous chiropractic teaching seminars for veterinarians throughout the United States and Spain

Shortly after graduating from Ohio State, Haverkos became the veterinarian for the Hopi Indian tribe in Northeastern Arizona, until 1989.

“That was an eye-opening experience for a young veterinarian,” he says. “I learned to view animals as individuals and that they have feelings and are willing to work with you if you are willing to do the same with them”.

“They will tell you everything that you need to know if you are able to read it. What I learned on the reservation would have taken me years longer in a standard practice. Animals respond to alternative therapy largely because I think they are are much more in tune with their innate, native intelligence, with that part of you that keeps you alive.”tonya t pic with horse.jpg


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