DoTerra-Oils in Balance


Interested in purchasing oils? Or perhaps being part of this great business and build your own business? This is also of course, great for humans as well-but we focus on the horses here. Contact me for more information on becoming a DoTerra Essential Oil Wellness Advocate!

Melisa oils class

INTRO Oils in Balance is FREE and always available online

We are bringing back the Basic Oils in Balance! This is an easy to learn class, will be online-with a book sent to you with all the information. You will learn about 4 zones (meridians)to work on and specific oils to use on those zones, for specific ailments! You will be using 4-5 oils per session so you won’t ‘break the bank’ and it will be for that specific problem-not a ‘one size fits all’.

Pic is Melisa doing a clinic on Oils and Animals in Arkansas

I started using essential oils, 17yrs ago,  when I went into Cosmetology and Esthetic’s, and learned how they could help ease tension in the body, mind, and spirit. Along with wonderful properties in Lavender, Basil, and Rosemary to help with nourishing the hair, and helping it grow.
Over the years, I spent researching how to use oils, and how not to use essential oils, and used them in various salves, and body products I would make for my friends and family.
4 years ago, I came across a company called Doterra, that opened my eyes to other possibilities with essential oils.  I am a trial and error person, and you have to prove me wrong in most cases because I was well aware of cautions when using essential oils.  I started using them how Doterra recommended them, thus stepping out of the box.  When I found out I could use them on horses, I started using them with mine to see how effective, or not with them.  Then I went into massage and started integrating them with both my equine and human clients, after a thorough intake. That is what I am here to teach is how to integrate essential oils into equine massage, and proper dilution, and technique.
My Advanced class will include Aroma Touch for horses, and Symphony of the Cells by Doterra, I just took them a step further and moved these modalities to horses.
Dilution, and application of essential oils
How to take a thorough intake and decide what oils you and your clients would like to use in your massage (remember you cannot act like a vet and prescribe, treat, or cure. However, you can help the body facilitate healing).
What oils to use for Navicular, Tendon, Muscle issues,Colic, founder and more.
You will receive the Family Physician’s kit and Modern Essentials book to help you and your horse.

This program is made specifically for MNHA and the equines my students provide care to.  Working with Melisa Pershon (23yrs exp with oils), she has developed a great method to help horses with many different ailments. She has also taken ‘aroma touch technique’ and ‘symphony of the cells’-both Methods and moved them to horses.  We are working together, to create a program for my students to help horses with EPM, colic, tying up, founder, laminitis, pain and joint relief, and more!  This is a class that will only be taught thru MNHA, because it is developed by Melisa and proven by her and the horses she has worked on.   Being a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Utah and a CESMT, working with oils along with Massage came naturally to her.  She wanted to do more for the animals she loved, so she worked on this method and is going to be teaching it in the Ala Carte portion of the class.

Melisa delves deep into what kinds of oils and how they are processed-this is something one needs to know to use them properly and instruct others! Oils can be dangerous if not used properly-and I see so many out there trying to instruct without having all this information. She teaches about Terpenes and it’s family group; Monoterpenes and sub monoterpenes; Sesquiterpenes and sub sesquiterpenes. We want our students to be the most knowledgeable and educated in the business!


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A Testimonial from Current students

oib testimonial rhonda sheli

You will be taught how to work CORRECTLY AND SAFELY with the hot oils, so that you won’t burn yourself or your clients! I’ve seen too many horses with burns-that the people are explaining away as a ‘toxin release’. Toxins are released thru the bloodstream and urine, or sweat glands, NOT in the exact place you rubbed in the oils and placed a hot towel on.

raindrop burn

You will learn about the 5 elements, meridians, the oils and where to use them for specific problems.

essential oils 1

DISCLAIMER:  these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


6 Responses to DoTerra-Oils in Balance

  1. Victoria says:

    Any chance we can do this class right after yours as my drive is 5 hours?

    • thebunch1 says:

      No, but I can get you started on the oils, and Melisa can work with you as well. We are most likely going to put together a video for those who cannot make it back for the class, so you can have that choice as well.

  2. Jen S says:

    When is your next oils class?

  3. Kristy says:

    My name is Kristy and I live in Australia. I am a wellness advocate however I cant seem to find any information or help that explains to me how to modify arpmatouch for horses. I have horses myself and I am certified on aromatouch but I am wanting to know how to modify correctly so I can do on my horses.. Are you able to help?

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