Equine Dental

Learning about Dental problems in horses is very important, as they can cause many problems in the body that cannot be fixed if you don’t have a Balanced mouth!


Having a great Equine Dentist is something that is one of the most important things you can do for your client, along with having a great chiro and farrier to refer them to.

The only person I will refer clients to is Eli Schwartz. He uses no power tools and he knows what is causing problems in the horse, along with that-he does bodywork afterwards to Balance the horses body as well, with Massage and Trigger Point work.  We work well together, with him wanting to only refer clients to my students to continue the work on the horse if needed to help keep them soft and to rebuild any atrophied muscles. Because he knows what I teach, and that my students and I get results. We make a great team for your clients and horses!

This is how you do the horses teeth, with respect for the horse!

eli dental pic

To contact Eli-this is his facebook page



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