CESMT & CERT Certification/FAQ


  • CESMT- Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist
  • CERT-Certified Equine Rehab Therapistsince 2011 stopped offering this Certification.
  • I now offer the Ala Carte Classes and Certification, upon completion of other Classes and Rehab the CEBBS (Certified Equine Body Balancing Specialist) will be offered thru my School.
  • Any other CERT (after 2011-look on student page for those with the correct training) with this Certification has not been thru my class and is not Certified in my Rehab. This is very important to know who is and who isn’t…those who have come thru my program and have the correct information. And learned from the person who developed the Rehab.
  • This is for my Rehab Therapies for EPM, cold and sway back horses, and arthritis-Groundwork I developed and teach at my classes in levels 1-3.
  • This is the only school in Indiana that developed their own Rehab Therapies!
  • * I offer much more, with BIOMECHANICS LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION, Basic Saddle Fit and Placement, Basic Magnet Therapy, and in depth Assessment/Evaluation of the Equine and in depth Muscle/Skeletal work!


No other School will give you the classes I am-with Biomechanics, Groundwork Balancing and Under Saddle Balancing™
This is used for clients when they are able to start riding their horse again, if you had to Rebuild any kind of muscling after time off. Or, it can be something to help keep a horse in great shape!

This will be over 100hrs of Hands On training for you (with all classes taken), and will not only be for ‘Equine Massage’…but how to continue to get that horse better, and stronger!

  • Why do you have a 3 month pre Class study?

I started this when I put the Correspondence Course online. Wanting my students to be the most prepared and most educated in this field, I decided to put even more information for them online!  I found that it was a great way to teach the Anatomy, Biomechanics, Eyeballing, saddle fit, etc…prior to the hands on class, so that we have more time in the 4 days to be more hands on with muscles, skeletal evaluation, muscle mapping, etc.  It makes the Hands on Class easier for you when you know this coming to it.

  • Can I learn the Massage in just a few days? .

Absolutely, I’ve been teaching my TOTAL HANDS ON CLASSES since 2006, we work specifically on the strokes, getting them correct and the ‘finding spasms and soreness’ deeper work, and correct places to work. Then you can continue when you go home putting it all together (which we do on the last day)

We do offer now a 7 Day Hands on Class for you to fast track thru the online study groups, with the instructor there with you. Then you join in with the 4 Day hands on students to learn the Massage portion with them

  • How often is Massage/Chiro needed?

For my students I tell them 3 massages for the initial client within 7-10 days, this works out and keeps the soreness from returning. If the horse isn’t better after the 3rd massage then there is either something else wrong, or unfortunately you need a different Massage Therapist!  A good Massage Therapist will work on your horse for 45min -1hr +.  For chiro, I like the chiro to come after at least the 2nd or 3rd massage so the muscles are loose and will allow the adjustment to take place.  If you follow this practice, you should only need a chiro adjustment 2-3times a year on a horse in heavy training.

  • What started you with the Rehab Therapy?

My own horse, Bolero, was diagnosed at 4 yrs old (LATE 1990′s) with severe hock arthritis.  I was able to get him sound again in 1 month with Rehab I did on him.  I just continued with that, adding extras that I felt would work on horses as I went. I spent years with horses with problems, perfecting this Rehab so that I could teach it to my students..so they could help horses in their area. There are very specific therapies that must be done in order to get good results.

Some are trying to teach this-but are missing several crucial steps-and they don’t have my permission to teach my Rehab Strategies™.

Working on horses at the track and having people bring me horses that were ‘not rideable ever again’, I was able to prove them wrong, getting the owners back on that horse in usually less than 2 months! (Read about Monty).

  • How long are you classes?

Our Hands On classes usually start at 10am and go until the students understand the material for that day. They might go for 6hrs, or for 10hrs.

  • Why do I have to sign a Release form?

A release form for my Massage and Rehab Strategies ‘The Amassage Method‘ not only protects me and what I have worked on for years to prove, but it also protects you from being taught something from someone without the experience necessary to help coach you during those first several sessions of Rehab!  Those are the most important ones, to get you to understand where to start the Rehab, and I help you to put together a Personal Program for your client.

All my Material is Copyright Protected and cannot be copied in full or in part.

  • Pre Class Study

You will study the muscles/names/functions and learn some basic Biomechanics before you come! Taking pics of your horse, or of friends horses and learning what might be wrong with them by LOOKING at them! Exciting stuff to get you started and get you excited for the class. This is all part of the 3mo online study guide for you-so you can start to SEE THINGS WRONG with the horse.

  • What happens after the class?

You will be invited to our online mentoring groups, to help you with any clients, or marketing you might need help with. Once you start getting clients,We are there for you, me and my 3 instructors! A wealth of information from 1 Licensed Massage Therapists and a Licensed Vet Tech, plus a trainer that has had horses her entire life-to help you with any questions you might have. You can send me pics of the horse, videos, anything you need in order for me to help you evaluate the horse and start it on it’s Personal Program of Massage and Building a Topline (or Rehab after the Level 3 class)!

  • How many people are in your class

I only allow 6 people in my Level 1 Hand on Massage classes to allow for plenty of hands on training from us. There are special ways you need to use your hands and fingers to do a great job and I feel that 6 people is the limit. However if we travel, we will need more but will most likely do an extra day of training, or longer days to insure everyone gets time with the instructor

  • How much can I make?

That all depends on you and the area your live in, and your contacts.  I allow all my students to decide on what they want to charge, I will give you ideas on price, and marketing ideas.  But the work is what you will have to do.  Most of my students will start out at $40-45 per session plus $20-25 for Rehab Therapy per session. I cannot guarantee any business to anyone, as can anyone else. You have to be the marketer for your business.

  • What does Certification in The Amassage Method™ mean?

Certification in any discipline shows that you have put in the time, energy and study to meet the standards of proficiency in that discipline. The Amassage Method Certification shows that you have learned and become proficient in The Amassage Method™ techniques and Groundwork Strategies, Under Saddle Balancing,  along with Saddle Fit/Placement and Biomechanics-for Level 1 Students.  You will also be added-by your request-to the website and facebook groups in your area.

As there is no regulatory authority governing training in this type of equine bodywork in most states, and The Amassage Method™ Certification is not under the auspices or authorization of any regulatory authority. An  Amassage Method™ Certification shows to a horse owner or veterinarian only that you have taken a course of study and become proficient in a specific type of equine bodywork along with Groundwork Strategies™ to help ReBuild the Topline.



17 Responses to CESMT & CERT Certification/FAQ

  1. Tara says:

    Do you teach riding lessons?

  2. Paige says:

    I am interested in attending a class this year. Your four day split weekend class in Nov– upon graduation of that course would I be only a CESMT, or would I also be CERT? Also, when is an available class for CCSMT? I am most interested in massage therapy, sports massage, rehabilitation in equine, but I am coming from Tennessee and would like to achieve as much as possible during the time I’m there. As well as the dates of those coarses, what are the fees? Would $1000 cover both CESMT and CERT, and how many days would that coarse last? I am willing to invest in starting my career but must stay within a budget. I’ve been researching schooling by Equissage but I believe you have more to offer at a smaller cost.

    • thebunch1 says:

      Paige, I’m pretty sure I replied in my e-mail to you, but yes you will be Certified as a CESMT/CERT in The Amassage Method™ developed by me to encompass many things-saddle fit and placement, rehab, groundwork therapy, etc.

  3. Annette Hermann says:

    When is your next class for 2014? Also how old do you have to be to take this class?

    • thebunch1 says:

      You have to be 18, if you’re 17 but close to 18, with parents permission-but I won’t certify you until you are 18. The next class is in April, please see the schedule page-I have classes most every week 🙂

  4. Susan snyder says:

    Could u send me your enrollment form for your next class

  5. Jessica Jamieson says:

    Are there still classes?

  6. Tonya Allen says:

    When will your Nashville Location be open?

  7. Taylor Nichols says:

    I’m interested in looking into this a little more. If you could email me some more information? I may have some questions as well

  8. Stephanie says:

    What city are the locations in Michigan and Wyoming?

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