*Begin here! The AMASSAGE METHOD™

TO CONTACT ME: equinemassageandrehab@gmail.com
Please check the Ala Carte Page for additional training and classes available once you complete and are Certified in Level 1 Amassage Method
In the slideshow below, all work was done by students who have completed  the Level 1 Amassage Method class. No other class info was used, some were taken during the class!


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Equine Massage is not the ‘end all be all’ modality to help horses to recover from injury! It is  one of many modalities needed to get the animal on the road to recovery.  I do use it as the Cornerstone of my Classes-but for those who use it, and only Massage, they are missing out on so much that is necessary to do this and do it Well!!  This is why I teach so much more-so my students Excel!



You must do the Level 1 Amassage Method before most other classes are allowed. There is information in there, that is a must for you to know before going to the other courses. We might allow you to test out, depending on what other School you went to and if you are a LMT.

Biomechanics is the science of movement of a living body, including how muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments work together to produce movement. Biomechanics explains the negative impacts upon a horse’s body caused by incorrect riding and training methods, such as Rollkur, and riding above the vertical

chart for difference in classes

Listen below for description of classes


  •  4 day Hands on Massage ($1500) with 3mo online course- Payment Plan $300/300/300/600 or save $100 if paid in full prior to class
  • Correspondence Course (all online-$1200))$300/3mos or $1200/$100 discount for payment in full
  • Book for Hands on Massage will be given out at class-Correspondence course will be sent when class is paid in full
  • Level 1 Rehab Strategies
  • 90 Class Hours (including the 3Month PreMassage Study)
  • A picture of the book you will receive, it’s a 3ring binder, so that you can add to it! As you can see, this student has already done that. There are close to 70 pages of material in the book for you to study.

tammys book after 2 weeks

 A full 3 months prior to class will be dedicated to studying Anatomy, , Biomechanics, (aka Eyeballing), Saddle Fit/Placement, Diagnostics (aka Cause of Pain),  Common Ailments, And my Volte (Building a Topline)and Under Saddle Balancing. Daily interaction with me teaching you how to look at a horse, what the Cause of the Pain could be and how to help ReBuild that horse afterward.

>>Please check the Correspondence page for specifics on each Study Group

You must test out of the online course to get your Certificate. There is a test at the end of each segment and some projects. 


Level 1 Amassage Method Studies

  • Anatomy and Muscle Mapping (project)
  • ‘Eyeballing and Gait Analysis (My mentor and teacher was Dr Nancy Nicholson)
  • Diagnostics-aka Causes of Pain. What started the pain to begin with and how to stop it from returning. This has nothing to do with soreness in the muscles but ‘outside influences‘ that are CAUSING the pain.
  • Intro to Acupressure/Basic diagnostic Points
  • Intro to Oils-starting you off with 2-3 oils to use in your everyday Massage
  • Building a Topline-basic start to Rehab Strategies™
  • Rider Basics and Under Saddle Balancing™
  • Basics in Saddle Fit and Placement (basic info-no certification)-
  • Basic Dental and hoof issues that cause lameness and soreness
  • Reading the Horses Behavior
  • Evaluating the Muscular and  Skeletal system (hands on)
  • Magnetic Therapy-Common Ailments & how to help them with Magnets
  • Marketing your business, and small business instruction
  • Evaluation forms for your sessions, listing of contraindications.
  • My Case Studies (several cases that were difficult that I had to figure out the cause)
  • Common Ailments, and how/if massage can help (EPM, Colic, Founder/Laminitis, arthritis, Tying up, parasites, etc)
  • FREE online video Of Step by Step Massage Instruction

Invitation to the Secret Facebook group to network with my other students!

PLEASE CHECK YOUR STATE REQUIREMENTS FOR MASSAGE FIRST-I will say I do not agree with several states making this a ‘vet only’ practice, as we all know that vets aren’t about to do any kind of Massage Therapy on a horse! In fact, it’s not even taught in their classes. They will do chiro, but not massage. I feel this needs to change, as well as those teaching Massage. If your state has it as a ‘vet only’ practice, you might want to get involved and find out why and see what you can do to change it, or find other CESMT’s in the state and see how they handle it. Many times, if you have a vet you can work under, and not ‘upset the cart’, do good work many will leave you alone. But do your due diligence to find out.



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Beverly Brady

24 Responses to *Begin here! The AMASSAGE METHOD™

  1. Sue Duncan says:

    Hi Beverly, I’m very interested in your coarses. How do I get started? Also I live in Idaho, do you know the law for that state? Can I practice if I’m not a vet?
    Thank you,
    Sue Duncan

    • thebunch1 says:

      Sue…I also sent you an email…you can get started by sending in your application to me, on the ‘sign up page’. Choose your class and send in the payment to get your February Special! I did check, and Idaho is fine for the Equine Massage!

  2. Rachael Lesslie says:

    I would like to know do you do chiropractor work to? Is that part of the classes

    • thebunch1 says:

      No, to be a chiro you first must be a vet or a human chiro-no state legallly allows someone to do chiro work without being a doctor first. There are new laws being passed right now, if you are doing it, you can be fined, or put in jail for practicing medicine without a license. So, you must do that first, to work on other peoples horses.

  3. Abby says:

    I would like some more info! Where the closest classes are toNevada, missouri.

    • thebunch1 says:

      The closest would be at my facility in SE Indiana..perhaps a 6hr drive from Missouri. So not that bad really! I have classes this month and next month! Check the Sign UP page for class schedules. You can contact me on FB or email me also at equinemassageandrehab@gmail.com …those are the 2 best places to contact me or call me at 812-756-4796! Looking forward to hearing form you!

  4. lisa emard says:

    I am not understanding the cost of everything total?? Do students need to find a hotel close by? Thank you for your time. Lisa

  5. Cindy says:

    I would like to clerify & just make sure I am understanding this all correctly. So that I will have all my ducks in a row..
    You must first take the Level 1 class (which is $1175 plus lodging and food) which is a 3 day course. Before even coming to the class you must do 18hrs of studying the muscles, etc.
    Then IF you select me I can go on to the the Level 2 course (which is $1000 plus lodging and food) but it must be 6 months after the Level 1 is completed.
    And The. If selected again, I could move on to the Level 3 course (which is also $1000 plus lodging and food).
    Do I have all my information correct?

    • thebunch1 says:

      Most of it, the first level is a 4 day class, and the selection is based on what you have done. You need to have worked on enough horses to continue so that you have the experience needed for the next level. You don’t have to continue, you are Certified in Level 1 and I have several of my students working in Level 1 right now, and doing great work.
      Any course you choose will be additional for lodging and food.

  6. Cassandra Potts says:

    Hello I am interested in your level 1 course. I would like to know your schedule layout as I would have to get approved for days off work, I live in Arizona. Please let me any detailed info I would need to know to plan a trip to take your course. I.e location/places to stay while there etc. and of course an application as well. Thank you!

    • thebunch1 says:

      Thank you for your interest in my class. I will post the schedule here for you, it’s all on the Sign up Page as well, if you need more info. Or just email me and I’m happy to answer any questions-as I know there’s a lot on the website. I’d rather have too much than too little info lol.
      These are the classes left for this fall:

      OCTOBER 9-12
      NOV 6-9
      NOV 13-16

      The 4 Day Class is $1175 and you can stay at several hotels in the area, or the Huntington Bed and Breakfast, which is just 3 miles from me.

  7. Emily says:

    Hey Beverly-

    I finished the Equissage at home course earlier in the year but feel I’ve missed out on the wonderful hands on experiences and also am interested in the saddle fitting/gait analysis/biomechanics, etc. I was wondering if you required continuing ed credits for your certification or is it still only for LMT? If so, I may be interested in taking one of your courses! I’m torn between the level 1 and doing the rehab though!!! If I understand correctly you have to do the level 1 before you can do the rehab?


    • thebunch1 says:

      The saddle fitting I will tell you is a very basic ‘does this saddle fit this horse’ and saddle placement, which is a big problem. To get this and the gait analysis, ‘eeyballing’ etc, yes you need to come to level 1 class. YOu can do the Ala Carte classes, but I only teach my Rehab, cribbing and BTV correction to those who come to all my classes.

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  10. Michele says:

    Hello! I am located in Massachusetts and I am in the Army National Guard. becoming a massage practitioner for horses is a dream of mine and I was wondering if you could email me more information on if this course is accepted in MA as well as how to go about signing up and if you take military payment as an option ( if not that’s no problem!) Thank you!

  11. Holly Awald says:

    Very interested in Certification. starting at level 1 and moving up to different levels. I am in Northern Indiana. Where is the best place for the 4 day portion and as far as I seen Massage Therapy is O.K. in Indiana without being a Vet? Thank you and I am hoping to enroll soon!

  12. Rylee Rich says:

    Hi! I am interested in getting my Certification. I am located in Nebraska but plan on moving to Kansas sometime soon. Can I work in these two states without being a vet? Thank you so much! Hope to be talking to you soon and getting enrolled!(:
    Rylee Rich

  13. Amber Helgeson says:


    I am very interested in your courses…. I already am a massage therapist so am interested how that would change the courses for me if Any?

    Thank you

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