Midwest NHA Thermography

I have completed my course with Thermology and am now Certified thru them

Veterinary and Equine
Thermal Imaging Course


Stop guessing what is wrong with your horse, and find out for sure!


Offered in the Tri-State Area, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. I will travel to vets offices, or Equine Facilities and will have a once or twice a month facility I will be at that you will be able to bring your animals to me at a reduced price

homer before after.jpg

The above was taken working at Dr Mark Haverkos office, left is a before picture of the dogs topline, from the shoulders to the tail-right is after treatment (chiro/acupuncture).

Midwest Thermography effectively identifies problems in bone as well as soft-tissue, and can assist in the detection of nerve damage and dysfunction.  It can measure the extent of any issues, and is highly effective for monitoring recovery progress.

flir0209This horse has been lame for a while, everyone was thinking it was from navicular-you can see from the image there is a huge lack of circulation in the leg starting above the knee

We can help veterinarians by pinpointing areas of cold and hot on the horse for musculo-skeletal problems, soft tissue injury, nerve damage, dermatological and dental issues in animals, by pinpointing areas of excessive heat or cold. WE DO NOT DIAGNOSE!

We will be using a professional grade Flir Camera-FLIR E5 Infrared Camera with MSX with 120×120  IR Resolution-to get you the best, most detailed professional images for your animal.

We can also assist in saddle fitting issues by scanning the horse and saddle prior to riding and after riding to find hot and cold spots on your horse and saddle