I have received so many testimonials, I felt the best way to post them, is with a screen shot and a thumbnail-just click on it to be able to read it-of course I MUST put this on up top! lol

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Below are testimonials posted on a group page on facebook, where a girl was asking about what course to take. These were the responses from my students.

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This first testimonial is from Stacey Westfalls’ blog, asking which course would be best-many students responded, as you can see! Many have gone to other schools first, didn’t have great results like they were promised and just gave up on the whole idea of working on horses-which is sad, because it’s not their fault! If you have great training and do it, and have a good area/clientele, you WILL get the business. I cannot guarantee everyone will get same business results, because each area is different, and people market in different ways-but I can guarantee you that doing the massage how I teach it, WILL get you the best results of anyone in your area that went somewhere else!

testimonials on stacys pagetestimonial camritestimonial Ian Btestimonial shannon went to other schooltestimonial from brigitte

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From my latest student-Kelly Frohling from Dallas, TX

testimonia kelly frohling

Emily Duhancik -Wyoming

Before coming to Midwest Natural Healing for Animals I could hardly place my thumb on my mare’s poll and tmj without it flying up in the air. After learning the Amassage Method I can do deeper. She doesn’t toss her head and we’ve made great progress even with sporadic massages caused by the cold winter in Wyoming! I’ve been using deep blue, lavender, and aromatouch every day and she instantly starts releasing with just those. I highly highly highly recommend adding those oils into your practice!! I know it takes time and patience but I’m willing to do it! And if my once crippled mare who everyone gave up on has improved that much in that inconsistent of a regimen and in those conditions…. I can only imagine where we will be in another month. From the absolute bottom of my heart and soul, Beverly Brady I cannot thank you enough. You have absolutely changed mine and my horse’s life. I would highly recommend anyone in a similar situation to take Bev’s courses. YOU will change someone’s life. . NEVER.EVER. GIVE UP!


EMILY UPDATE: I am SO excited and SO proud to share this with everyone! Here are some before and after pictures from working on my own horse, Peppy. I struggled for a year figuring out how to rehabilitate her after a bad accident. The massage, rebuilding, and rebalancing I’ve learned and now use in my practice has been the ticket! This is after ONLY ONE MONTH, probably only 10 massages total and very little in hand work.

emily before after

I highly recommend Bev Brady to anyone who has a horse with EPM. My horse Monty was diagnosed at Hagyard Davidson and Magee in Lexington, KY in the beginning of May 2008.  The vets did an evaluation of him, blood work and an X-ray of his neck to be sure the symptoms were not a pinched nerve. He showed right hind weakness and personality changes. he was put on Marquis and Vitamin E for a month. Because the Marquis kills the parasites, he got much worse and could barely stand without leaning aginst a wall. The vets all told me to just not look at him for 3-6 months! This didn’t make sense to me, I was afraid he would permanently adjust to being crooked and unbalanced. Luckily, I met Bev who does Equine Massage and Dr. Haverkos who is an Equine Chiropractor. Both had worked with EPM horses and agree to help me.
At the end of May, Bev came regularly to massage Monty and to stimulate him to feel his back right leg again-the disease had him paralyzed. She also gave me regular therapy to do with him…which helped quickly and easily!
In Mid July  I was able to mount him safely and now I can encourage him to use his right leg under saddle! I never thought we would ever get this far this fast! Thanks again Bev!
Carol-Burlington KY
June 2008
epm 3 pics
I was chatting with another student last night, working on a horse who had been injured with the use of draw reins-to turn his head he would twist it right, but look left-poor thing, others tried to help but couldn’t…this is from the student :
‘Oh it works all right. No doubts there!
And it’s frankly wild how I can find and fix issues that other massage therapists from other programs had no clue about.
‘And most recent client is just super-stoked that her horse is moving with her head and neck in a relaxed position now. That’s only four massages over a month and the other massage therapist who worked on the horse didn’t get those kind of results.’
Marissa was in my March 2011 Class-she is also going to be teaching the Herbology Level 3 Class!
Okay, seriously. Beverly’s classes are the best! They are thorough, straight forward, and personal! Everyone gets one-on-one time with the teacher 🙂
I went through her Amassage classes and have been able to help many horses. One of which was my lovely, mare. It really helped early on in her pregnancy and after too!
So take these classes! They can make a HUGE differance in your life and in your horses life 🙂
From Correspondence Student-this is just for us! sharing her update-just 2 weeks!! So…while it looks easy to do (which it is), it is a huge help for these horses (massage and volte)
He had an injury to right hind from what we can find out… he was slapping right hind down and reaching up under him… like the leg straightens and then he slaps it down instead of following through. Had some VERY tight muscles up high in hip, inside hind and hamstring…
(after just a couple sessions a reply)Bombays shoulder is MUCH better, with just the limited knowledge I have!
(and just a few days later) he is MUCH better now! that was when he was ‘almost’ there. He’s still a little ‘slappy’ with hind end, but not all the time. He has a real hard time tracking up when circling to the left… well, he has a hard time tracking up anyway but he’s much better.
(and last night our conversation) When I added the hands on massage from you and added the Groundwork Strategies™, I saw him change in a big way again… He had kinda got stuck with his progress.


Below is a clip from an e-mail sent to me from one of the students in the September 26th Class-Just 1 week after class was over!
 I wish you could see the smile on my face right now…so happy that there is hope for my Annie girl!  I’ve spent 4 years feeling like my hands were tied and there was no hope for her.  I felt like eventually I was going to have to make the decision to put her out of her pain & misery and put her down.  I am so grateful to have met you and learned from you that there is hope for these “hopeless” cases!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Beverly, words alone cannot express how lucky I feel right now!  I’m giving you all the credit here.Chris-Omaha, NE

About 90% of the hours was at Midwest Natural Healing for Animals facility, my hands were on a horse.  That was very important to me.  Bookwork is necessary, but if you can’t apply the knowledge,put into action and take it home with you,it is of no value.  Ms. Brady taught me very well how to put that book work into action.  After researching other programs, the Midwest Natural Healing for Animals became the best value for me.  I am excited to learn more from Ms. Brady.  Thank you Ms. Brady.
Linda Truby–BS, CESMT

Last night was wonderful.  I worked on two horses.  One horse was a 22 year old kids barrel horse.  I could tell just by looking at his neck that he was out in several places.  I did his massage.. (which he LOVED) and then did stretching on his neck.  You heard “pop  pop  pop”  and the lumps disappeared.  The owner was thrilled.
The other horse didn’t have much soreness, but loved the massage.  then I evaluated a new horse in the barn.  He was showing front left leg lameness, but had no heat and swelling,e tc.  so I suggested looking at the opposite hip.  Oh my goodness!!  Extreme soreness in that hip and butt muscle and haunches…  poor boy.  So she is getting him vetted this week, then we’ll begin massage.It was great!  Going tonight to work on two race horses… busy busy busy!!
Billie (March 2010 class)
 Hi Bev! You will be happy to know that I am out there working on horses! I have a race horse on the 4 day schedule and she has had 3 massaged and she is showing so much improvement . It s exciting. I have a new client tonight and one tomorrow.  Thank you for your guidance.

Good Morning Teacher,
IT’S AN ADDICTION……I want to massage every horse I see, or at least run my hands over them. This week I have worked on 2 very different horses. 1 a first level dressage horse and a part haflinger pony.
The dressage horse was sore from one end to the other. Neck, shoulders, back……….and so on. Worked on him for quite awhile on Monday and ran home to get Lances magnetic blanket for him to use. Going back to do a maintenance massage tonight. Owner reported on Tuesday that the horse rode better and freer than ever before.
Colleen (March 2010 Class)
Tracer is doing WONDERFUL!!!  Emily rode him on Monday and yesterday and she
said he wasn’t stiff at all. In fact her ride last night was better than on
Monday.  I would like for you to come back in the early part of May to look
at him.  We are planning on going to a show at the end of May and I would
like him to be ready.

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6 Responses to *Testimonials

  1. Hello All,
    I plan to ask any student what they wish to develop in terms “how things work” for sound movement. In addition, I will teach each person who is interested an unmounted exercise that will balance a horse right to left and front to back. This exercise may be done in tiny steps toward a goal. This exercise is known to the dressage world as “piaffe,” and it is “walk in place” where the horse learns to rhythmically from one diagonal pair of legs to the other. But the dressage world thinks, without examining its assumptions, that piaffe is “trot-like steps in place” just because it is diagonal. A brief look at trot frames in a video will show that the leg positions of piaffe never occur in a normal trot. Leg positions of piaffe occur in walk at a specific diagonal instant that the horse can be carefully taught to repeat. Repeating this diagonal moment strengthens a horse’s spine and focuses its mind, because I teach it with only positive reinforcement. This series of tiny steps is independent of the horse’s breed or discipline, so gaited horses can perform the exercise, regardless of whether or not they compete or are intended for dressage. All my horses learn piaffe in hand before they are ridden.
    —-Nancy Nicholson

  2. Christine Nath says:

    I have just completed the 4 day massage and rehab therapy class, as well as the energy healing class, and all I can say is WOW! The information Beverly has to pass on to her students is incredible, and you will learn so much more than just massage and rehab therapy. Anyone with ANY amount of experience with horses, no matter what discipline or interest, can learn from this amazing woman! Her love for the animals shows in her work, and she is dedicated to her students and their success. When I came to this class, my intentions were simply to help my own horses (I have a mare who has issues in her hind end and have been told there is nothing that can be done for her – she is lame), but with the knowledge I took home with me, I look forward to not only helping my own horses, but starting my own business and helping every horse I can! For anyone considering taking this class, I say do it! What you will get out of it is worth way more than the money you will spend, and if you ever have a question or need some help, she is there for you! Thank you Beverly, you have given me the knowledge and confidence to get out there and help the horses heal!

  3. Jen Stoeckel says:

    I use Bev’s methods every time I evaluate a new horse for training, and anytime I have a horse with behavioral problems. If I have a horse struggling to relax or overcome fear, I first do some massage and energy work, as well as stretching, and it focuses them and calms them. I have learned an extraordinary amount of useful information from Bev’s classes and mentoring that I use every minute I am with a horse or pony. I highly recommend her training methods to anyone wishing to either improve their training program or enhance their horse’s performance, attitude, and well-being. I even show a few tricks to my students to relax both their horse and themselves before they ride. Definitely check this program out, it is always evolving and expanding, as Bev is great at constantly striving to improve the class format and increase the amount of information taught. Now if only my brain would keep up . . . Thanks, Bev, for all you’ve taught me!

    • thebunch1 says:

      Jen, thanks! I really appreciate this! I do try to continue to improve my classes and therapies for these great animals that I am blessed to have! I love the students that have come thru my course, wanting to learn and trusting me to teach them correctly. You can Daren both are wonderful horse trainers and are great with them. Anyone asking me to recommend a trainer around her, I always recommend you two.

  4. Becky Goettl says:

    After becoming a licensed massage therapist for humans, as well as becoming a certified acupuncture tech, I am learning to ask questions before paying for classes. What are the laws concerning working on horses? When I search, my human license makes reference to being able to work on animals. I would like to take this class to deepen my knowledge base, but if I am not able to utilize it right away, it will make a difference in which schooling I save for.
    Thank you in advance for your time and response.


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