The Amassage Method™ Difference and Why Certification at MNHA is Important

What makes The Amassage Method™ different than other Schools?

The main difference is that The Amassage Method™ teaches a more rounded approach to not only Massage,but actually getting the horse better! Massage is a wonderful thing to do, but honestly-unless you can find the CAUSE you cannot fix the PROBLEM. Building a Topline is a great place to start in Level 1, because that seems to be the most problematic area for horses.

poster full circle massage circled 2014


3 Months of Online Instruction for Causes of Pain, Biomechanics, Gait Analysis,  Skeletal and Muscle Evaluation, Anatomy, Saddle fit, Rebuilding the Topline, Under Saddle Balancing, and more!

1: MENTORING/MOTIVATING poster caricature teacher
In my 4 day class, there’s alot to learn and take in-you leave with all the info in your book, notes and my mentoring! But this is the tip of the iceburg-and when you get home and start working on horses, there will be questions (NO MATTER who’s course you take!) so I am here as your SAFETY NET!
I’m also your MOTIVATOR, I will do what I can to get you out there and starting your business. I can only do so much-but I am always here to cheer you on, and give you ideas to get your name out there to the public.

I also have mentors…Dr. Nicholson, Dr. Haverkos and Dr. Leick, they are all well respected in this area and around the world for their work.


Working with Dr Nicholson since 2008, I have learned about Equine Biomechanics and how the horse should move, and how to get the horse to move properly! This is something that is very important to know, if the horse cannot walk in proper sequence, the trot and canter will not be correct either.  Once the massage is done, knowing correct movement, on the ground and under saddle will make or break the horse!

3. REHAB/BUILDING A TOPLINE (level 1)/Sway back and Arthritis (Level 2)/EPM and Cold Back (Level 3) : Julie before after 2009These specific problems are what I have worked on for the last 10+years to develop easy and quick groundwork to help ReBuild the muscles to help the horses to return to work ASAP.  In most instances, I can ReTurn them to work within a month, sometimes longer. The EPM, cold back and sway back are unique to my School! No other School has the information to teach these Rehab Therapies-I developed and proved them on many horses. And am very proud to be able to offer this to my students.

4. UNDER SADDLE BALANCING™– I developed these for people that are in need of some under saddle work and coaching. Changing their way of working the horse, to include ReBuilding the muscle is a huge help to continue to strengthen the horse and for the owner to realize how important it is to ride the horse correctly each time they’re on it. And it stops the rider from working the same muscles repetitively-basically doing some cross training, working the entire PREFLEX of the horse and getting it strong.


The listing of Causes of Pain is at the beginning of the book, because it will be your ‘go to page’ for a long time. WHERE the horse is sore will tell you alot about WHY they are sore and where to look for that cause, so you can stop it from continuing to  create problems for you.

6. SKELETAL ASSESSMENTskelton of a horse

One very overlooked part of instruction for equine massage therapists is a skeletal assessment!  So few are taught this skill.  I was able to work with Dr. Mark Haverkos for years, and learned from him-so I added it to my class. It’s so important to know how to feel the skeleton to know whether or not to tell your client if they need to call a chiro…or if the problem is all muscular.


This is a short section, but very beneficial as very few people really consider using them, especially in the ways I suggest! There are several problems that can be helped with magnetic therapy that we address in class.


This is something that is always overlooked. My basic class (no Certification) will help you to know when the saddle is placed properly and when it fits or doesn’t fit the horse. This is is basic information on saddle placement, and fit,not a Certification Class.  This is something that is a huge problem in the equine world. saddle fit funny


This is different from the Under Saddle Balancing™ because it’s done from the ground! This is why Biomechanics enters the scene-knowing how a horse should move CORRECTLY, and knowing what to correct-and how to correct it!

Once you find the problem, then how do you go about helping that horse? That is when the Rehab Strategies™ for ReConnecting, ReBalancing and ReBuilding the horse come into play! It might be a saddle fit or placement problem-or it might be the rider causing the problem-all things that we address in the Level 1 class.


We have information on both for you, you do have to work and get your business license, business name, and do your marketing. We can help by listing you on the website and also sometimes on the facebook school page!


We are now offering SHADOWING to NEWBIES! For a minimal amount ($50 per day)our Advanced students have offered to allow the newbies to follow them for a few days, teaching them the finer points of how to interact with clients, how to answer hard questions, present themselves to the clients, etc. Just to help them get past the ‘scary’ stuff.

Then we also have Ala Carte Classes for you to attend, if you chose!

Check the Ala Carte page for more info


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